Martini Robocall Mitigation Solution

Our solution arms you and your customers with the data and tools needed to protect against bad actors helping to put an end to unwanted robocalls and helps you meet regulatory requirements.
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Do not originate (DNO) list enforcement, population and management

Ensures voice service providers do not make calls to phone numbers on the FCC's DNO list to prevent inadvertent originations of illegal robocalls. Just focus on your business without worrying about the impact of illegal robocalls on your network.

Do Not Call (DNC) Database Scrubbing

We perform Do Not Call (DNC) Database Scrubbing as part of our solution, which ensures that your business's call list is up-to-date and compliant with the federal and state DNC list.

Call Blocking or Labeling Support

Already have a solution in place for call blocking? In addition to blocking calls directly, we support labeling calls so your existing systems can take advantage of the insights we offer.

STIR/SHAKEN Certificate Management

Our solution includes a comprehensive solution for certificate management that streamlines the process and helps ensure that you never have to worry about an expired certificate getting in the way of meeting your customers' needs.


Robocall Mitigation Plan

Provides a model robocall mitigation plan for service providers to certify their efforts to prevent illegal robocalls and file them in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation database.

TRACED Act compliance

Helps businesses comply with the TRACED Act by implementing ongoing robocall prevention programs that meet regulatory requirements.

Safe Harbor compliance

Helps service providers demonstrate to originators and 3rd parties why calls were dropped and enable them to meet their safe harbor requirements.

STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication compliance

Provides you with everything you need to get and stay compliant with STIR/SHAKEN.

Threat Prevention

Helps service providers block threats by stopping robocalls from entering their network through upstream providers.

Zero Latency Solution

Our solution is built into Vermouth which enables us to provide these capabilities without incremental call path and without meaningful impact on call setup latency or CPS rates.

Enable Branded Calling

Build trust in your network's calls by enabling branded calling with logos and reasons, improving customer answer rates and enhancing their experience.

Customer Protection

Helps service providers protect their customers by stopping robocalls from reaching their subscribers.

Protect Your Brand

Protecting your business reputation and brand value is essential in today's digital landscape, and implementing end-to-end authentication is one way to safeguard your numbers against spoofing and maintain customer trust.

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Provide a reliable calling experience.

Provide a reliable calling experience.

Protect your reputation.

Protect your reputation.

Avoid penalties.

Avoid penalties.

Enhance consumer trust.

Enhance consumer trust.
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